How to OBTAIN a box

Box availability

The box has been through multiple prototype iterations with a small number of boxes being produced and tested in Toronto and Vancouver (Canada). They have been aproved for use by the Trillium Health Network IPAC.

We have protoype boxes available for testing for any local Toronto or Vancouver hospital. We are working with a local manufacturer Eventscape in Toronto to begin production at a larger scale.

Our plan is to have the ability to ship the boxes world-wide soon, we are working through the logistics of that now. If you are in Toronto or Vancouver, or elsewhere, please let us know if you are interested and we will reach out to you when boxes are available.

Please enter your information in the form at the bottom of this page and we will reach out directly to coordinate.

Assembly instructions

  1. Attach arm-hole covers to front panels using 2 X 1/4"-20, 1/2" long machine screws. You will need to use some force to self-tap the screws into the Polycarbonate plastic. Don't over-tighten, the arm-hole covers should still rotate freely.

  2. Attach the two side panels to the front panels, secure with 6 Zip-Ties.

  3. Attach the two corner panels to the side and front panels, secure with 4 Zip-Ties.

  4. Attach top panels to the box, secure with 9 Zip-Ties.

  5. To create a tighter air seal you may want to seal the inside edges using a silicone seal / tape or any other resources you have available, and cover the patient area with a medical gown or similar device.

Care and Cleaning

Materials used with this box were selected to be compatible with most hospital-grade cleaning supplies. Steel pins and polycarbonate should be resistant to cleaning agents with the following active ingredients:

  • isopropyl alcohol,

  • bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

  • hydrogen peroxide