Covid-19 Intubation box


We have just launched a gofundme campaign to manufacture boxes to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19. The boxes create a barrier between the doctor and the patient when inserting a breathing tube, a procedure that has a high risk of exposing front line workers to the virus. We are seeking $25,000 which will allow us fill requests we have recently received from hospitals. The cost per box is $210 plus shipping.

Thank you for support! Donate here.

About This Project

We are a team of volunteers in Toronto are manufacturing and distributing these boxes to Canadian and US hospitals with the support of generous individuals and companies. Our design is provided on this site with the hope that others with manufacturing capabilities around the globe can build boxes to support their local hospitals.


Doctors / Medical workers: If you would like a sample free sample box for your hospital, or would like a larger order, complete the form here.

Manufacturing partners: If you have large CNC routers and are willing to help manufacture and ship these at scale. Please reach out to us.

Follow this project: Sign up for our mail list here.

Donations: We aim to provide as many boxes as we can, and are seeking individual and corporate donors. Donate via GoFundMe.


The design of this intubation box was inspired by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai in Taiwan. He designed the box for dealing with the challenge of safely intubating patients with COVID-19. He open-sourced the design for other doctors to use globally.

Read more about the use of these boxes here.