about the Project

About the box

The CDC, WHO and many international guidelines agree that the highest risk of transmission of COVID-19 to healthcare providers is during aerosol-generating medical procedures such as intubation or tracheotomy. As many countries struggle with shortages of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and cases of COVID-19 infection amongst healthcare workers continue to skyrocket globally, this simple solution helps contain dangerous virus particles expelled from the patient's airway thus providing protection to healthcare providers.

The box can also be kept over the patient's head during transport. For example from the ER to the ICU or for utilization in extubating a patient from a ventilator - a known cough-inducing procedure.

About the team

An inital group of volunteers from various disciplines came together to design, build, test, and distribute these boxes:

Alyssa Wong - BHSc, MD, FRCPC (EM), Dip. Sport. Med., Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine Physician, Trillium Health Partners, Lecturer, Univ of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

Daniel Shogilev - MD, Emergency Medicine, Trillium Health Partners, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

David Phillips - CEO Foxbar Capital

Gloria Cheung - CPA, CA - Head of Finance at Taplytics

Jigar Solanki - Designer at Eventscape, Ryerson Electrical Engineer

Jonathan Norris - CTO and Co-Founder of Taplytics, Queen's Mechanical Engineer

Mike Yan - M.A.Sc - CTO and Co-Founder at Heliolytics, Queen's Engineering

Plus many others from: Trillium Health Partners, Taplytics, and Eventscape who have made this all possible so far.

We are always looking for more passionate volunteers to help spread the word and get these boxes into Hospitals, please reach out at: info@covidbox.org


A huge thanks to the following companies and organizations that have helped to design, build, test, and pay for these boxes.