make your own Box

Design objectives

We adjusted the design of the original box to better suit the needs of Canadian Hospitals in the following ways:

  • Designed it to be flat-packable and easily assembled with zip-ties

  • CNC machinable by anyone with a CNC Router with a ¼” bit

  • Increased the size from 50cm Wide X 50cm Tall X 40cm Long, to: 24” Wide X 24” Tall X 16” Long (~60cm X ~60cm X 40.5cm)

  • Increased diameter of arm holes from 10cm Diameter to 5.5” Diameter (~14cm)

  • Added Covers to arm holes to close the box when intubation isn’t in progress

Parts List

CNC Machine Polycarbonate :

The walls are made with polycarbonate, we choose polycarbonate due to its strength and shatter resistance and its ability to withstand medical cleaning solutions.

  • 2 X Side Panel, ¼” Polycarbonate, 16.25” Wide X 24.5” Tall

  • 1 X Top Panel, ¼” Polycarbonate, 24.25” Wide X 16.25” Tall

  • 1 X Front Panel, ¼” Polycarbonate, 24.25” Wide X 24.5” Tall

  • 2 X Arm Hole Covers, ¼” Polycarbonate, 6.75” Wide X 8.25” Tall

  • 2 X Corner Panels, ¼” Polycarbonate, 8" X 8" Triangle


  • 19 X Standard Zip Ties

  • 2 X 1/4"-20 1/2" Long Machine Screws

**Note: If you choose to substitute for different materials, please confirm that they will be resistant to the different chemicals used in the environment and for cleaning/sanitizing.**

Front Panel Drawing.pdf
Top Plate Drawing.pdf
Side Panel Drawing.pdf
Arm Hole Cover Drawing.pdf
Corner Panel Drawing.pdf


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

OnShape CAD Assembly

Please feel free to Copy the OnShape CAD and iterate on the design. We are continuing to iterate this design as we get feedback from Medical Professionals.

CAD Files

Click here for CAD and PDF Drawing Files